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NIRMAL Dissolved Air Flotation Scheme

What is Dissolved Air Flotation?

Conceptually, dissolved air and Dissolved Air Flotation you must have seen on several occasions. Typical example is aerated bottle where you see dissolved gases generated making a straw to float. Same principle is adopted to treat the waste water and it solves numerous problems as compared to other methods.

The air is dissolved in a treated clear wastewater at a higher pressure. This mixture of air and water is called as dissolved air. The air in liquid phase in the dissolved air. The pressure drop across the throttling valve will generate billions of microscopic air bubbles which will make the suspended solids, precipitates, and oil to float upwards in the form of compact sludge. The smaller the air bubbles, larger is the overall surface area which exerts larger force on the matter i.e to be floated. The dissolution of air is done in a specialized NIRMAL Dissolved Air Preparation Scheme as per procedure separately mentioned.

Brief Achievements of Dissolved Air Flotation :

Why Dissolved Air Flotation?

Nirmal Engineers have pioneered the Dissolved Air Flotation Systems into following categories to be useful and practical for several applications.

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