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Welcome your visit to the Nirmal and thank you for your interest!

Your Browser cannot load java applet. Nirmal Engineers is an engineering company with a decades of experience for water purification and wastewater treatment solutions. We offer a total range of equipments, systems and all related services to treat wastewater from industrial as well as domestic source, industrial process water and drinking water. Our technology is high Technology oriented, user friendly. Nirmal's product capacities range from package units of few cubic meters/day to custom-designed systems of thousands of cubic meters/hour.

Nirmal Engineers consists of a team of professionally qualified engineers who through training and experience are able to provide the highest level of technical services as well as practical operational solutions. In the industrial water treatment field, Nirmal Engineers is especially qualified in design and construction of dissolved air flotation systems coupled with flocculation, filtration and automation.

Nirmal Engineers is the only party offering dissolved air flotation system working on Countercurrent scheme for sludge removal Vs influent entry as well as, for influent entry Vs dissolved air addition. There are several plus factors separately mentioned. In industrial wastewater, Nirmal Engineers, is especially qualified in treatment of oily wastewaters (emulsified and free) as well as metal finishing wastewaters, using oil coalescing devices. Its key advantage is the ability to combine the best of available technologies and components to develop systems that solve problems at competitive prices.

Our mission is to provide reliable, high quality, and reasonably priced wastewater treatment equipment and services globally for our niche of applications. To serve our expanding markets we exhibit our equipment world-wide, and we are always on the look-out for more clients to solve their pollution problem and make environment cleaner. For solving your problem, try our Product Search!

Please contact us/Mr. Bharat Dandekar for more information.

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Nirmal Engineers
17 Nav Sarvodaya Society, Vartak Road,
Vile Parle (East), Mumbai 400057
Maharashtra INDIA
Phone / Fax: 91 22 26145623 E-mail:

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